Wednesday, 17 February 2010

2010 Review So Far...

So at the start of the year, I set a few resolutions/goals for myself and my business... I thought it was about time to review any progress I've made so far.... eek!

1) Be more professional and organised about designing, making, my website and my business

This one is difficult... I guess I'm still struggling to be confident in my ability to make this a success... However, I have started writing a business plan, which I feel is the first step in treating this seriously and looking at it from a professional point of view.. I've been very good at procrastinating when it comes to actually writing it though! I'm gonna aim to get it done by this time next month.

2) Find 3 new stockists for Glitterysah

Not any further forward with this, other than having a list of people I should contact. If you know of anyone you think might want to stock Glitterysah, or you yourself want to, let me know! All suggestions gratefully accepted :) shopkeep [at] glitterysah [dot] com

3) Have a stall at at least 2 markets

Done! So far this year I've been at Magpie Market's Dolly Mixtures in Edinburgh and Glasgow Craft Mafia's Handmade Haven in Glasgow. PLUS I'm gonna be at the next Handmade Haven in March, AND I have a list of some other markets etc. I'll be applying to as well! I was a bit nervous about the whole market/selling in person thing but so far, its been a lot of fun!! Fancy sharing a stall sometime? Just let me know!

4) Put together a new collection for the summer

I've chosen a couple of themes, have been looking at possible materials, supplies etc. I'll be starting work on this in March/April time - I can't wait to tell you more about it but you'll have to keep guessing for now!

5) Blog more often!!

Hmmmm...... I've done ok at this one, but not brilliantly. I will put in more effort this month, promise! :)

6) Despite all the above, have more of a social life and spend more time with my friends and meeting new crafty folks!

I've been to a couple of parties this month and have finally filled in my Glasgow Craft Mafia application, so slowly making some progress here! I'm on the look out for some kind of dressmaking class and some other things like this in Glasgow, so as well as skilling myself up I hopefully meet some lovely folks! :)

Soooo, for the next month I'm gonna concentrate harder on these things, and hopefully have more to report back to you at the end of March! If you wanna see what other things I've been getting up to and ticking off, go see my goals on 43things! xx


  1. good luck! ... its so hard isn't it ... they are all great goals :)

    Love Maria xx

  2. wow, i got so excited for you as i was reading this post! i hope i hope i hope you nail every single one of those goals! i know you can do it :)

    by the way, i wanted to let you know that i've tagged you on my blog. no wait, its a really cool one, i thought you'd like it! when you have the chance :)