Glitterysah is the alter-ego of me, Sarah! Or Sah for short.

I design and make jewellery, bags, plushies and accessories using mainly recycled, reclaimed and vintage materials. I like to think of my style as unique, crazy-old-lady kitsch - everything is bright, fun, geeky, super cute, individual and makes you smile as soon as you put it on! I put a unique, vintage spin on anything from rings to bags to earwarmers - and it's all eco-friendly too, sweet!!

I've always made things, ever since I was wee. My mum taught me to sew and knit when I was about 5, and ever since then I've been making and creating things and trying to prettify everything around me :)

What inspires me? LOADS OF STUFF! charity shops, attics, old ladies' front rooms, collections, junk shops, flowers, birds, doilies, vintage clothing, black and white films, 40s jazz, 50s rockabilly, cartoons and comics, old books, paris, americana, tea parties, gin, roses, museums, dandelions, sunsets, magpies, people watching, old buildings, fallen-down abandoned houses, laughter, arty indie films, sweet shops, toy shops, dolls houses, dressing up as a child, old ladies dressing tables...

Glitterysah is based in Glasgow, Scotland where I live with my boyfriend and Ruby the cat in Doogsah Towers.