Thursday, 7 October 2010


Its getting closer and closer to my favouritest time of year, halloween!! Are you going to a party this year? Getting dressed up? Or do you just love all things spooky and cute? Good, me too. So I thought I'd find some lovely halloweeny products for you to swoon over.

Firstly, here's one of mine :)

He's such a cute wee ghostie, isn't he? I'm planning on wearing this brooch all year round, but even if it'll just be for Halloween you can get your very own Spooky Ghostie Brooch over at my shop right now!

Or how about this gorgeous wee ghostie stamp? How cute?! Skull and Cross Buns makes so many amazing handcarved stamps, but this is definately one of my favourites. Perfect for adding to cards or gift bags this Halloween.

Next, we have an awesome bat pendant from Sneddonia Designs. I LOVE the gorgeous beads she's used in this, plus its a bat which is just plain cool! (You may remember my fondness of bats). Have a peak in her Etsy shop at her other amazing wire creations.

Kim of Finest Imaginary designs some amazing laser cut jewellery, one of which is this ace zombie necklace! I love the detailing, like the dangly eyeball and bite out of his head. CUTE!