Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Folksy Pick-Me-Up!

Well todays been a bit of a blah poopy kinda day for me... not really sure why, I've just been feeling a bit low and uninspired... so I decided to have a quick browse on Folksy and pick out some awesome, bright and cheery goodies that made me smile as soon as I saw them! Some of these I favourited a while ago and some I just found today. Enjoy!

First up is this gorgeous resin necklace, made by the awesome Chrissy of I Love SpoiltPig! You can often find her at Sloans Market in Glasgow if you're up this way of a weekend!

Next, is this absolutely amazing clutch by Dani of NelliD. I am in love with the pinkness, sequins, flowers and pearls - pure kitschy girlietastic!

This table by Nova+Lorsten is just totally awesome... I am a sucker for anything rockabilly, 50s, Elvis etc. so obviously as soon as I saw this I was in love! I want it!! Maybe one day I'll have the pennies...

And last up is this super-cute ring by Tias Glass. It's called Weirdo - LOVE IT!!


  1. Thanks for featuring one of my necklaces ^_^ Great picks, loving that table.

  2. arghhh thank you for including my lovely clutch bag...that one in particular went to Emily Atack from Dancing on Ice for her birthday and she loved it! xx

    Thanks Sah...hopefully you are feeling a little better now x

  3. Aww thanks guys, glad you approve! :) xxx

  4. Lovely stuff - love the bag and I really want that table too.

  5. Gorgeous stuff! I'm so inlove with that nellid clutch bag..been tempted by it many a time. xx

  6. thanks so much for featuring our table - so glad you like it. And what great other choices too. Hope your mood picked up, Folsky-gawjussnes usually does the trick - but when is this winter gonna give up?