Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Market Time!

How rubbish am I at blogging?? It's been ages since I last posted anything, even though I have about 20 posts written in my head! I have lots to share with you, and will make an effort to post more over the next couple of weeks. Pinky promise!

In the meantime, I'd like to share some excitement with you. Glitterysah will be setting up shop at the upcoming Magpie Market, Sunday 6th Dec in Edinburgh.

The market is being held in The Lot, a fabulous converted church building in the Grassmarket. There will be loads of amazing sellers there, with all kinds of awesome treasure on offer. Meet them all here! If you're Edinburgh-based or can make it through for the day I'd love to see you there, and you'll be sure to get all your Christmas shopping done nice and early! :) Bonus!


  1. Good luck at the market, not that you need it :) xxx

  2. Thanks hun!! I'm sure you must be sick of me going on about it by now hehe! But your encouragement and niceness means a lot :) x

  3. I would soooo love to come up ... can't wait to see photos and don't spend all your takings! The best pitch to have is one by a cake stall (for many reasons!) 1. they are always busy as people always want cakes and while in the queue to buy cakes they will see all your prettiness & buy from you too 2. they are very convenient if you are peckish & 3. I can't think of another, but I think 1 & 2 are reason enough! hehe!

  4. Oh my, would I soooo love to be there!
    Write more stuff! I want to know what you up to!

  5. Aww guys, thank you! It would be awesome if you could be there, but Brighton and Newfoundland are far enough away for that to be an acceptable excuse ;)

    Maria, being next to a cake stall is an awesome suggestion! I'm not sure if there is one or if I can choose my spot or what, but I'll save it for future reference! :) The only problem would be trying not to eat all the cakes..... hehe

    Andrea, I will defo be writing more! I'm aiming for a post a day-ish, maybe every other day. Hope you're doing ok ma dear!


  6. oh, i have thought of reason 3. If for some terrible reason the fair is quiet ... you won't be bored as you can eat all the cakes!

    I am sure though that you will do really well and come home on a high, with a ton of cash and an empty stock box!