Friday, 20 November 2009

Challenge-tastic v2.0

Wow, a blog post two days in a row?? What on earth is wrong with me?!

Anyone who followed my old blog before I moved back to Blogspot may remember a little challenge I was participating in. The lovely Katy of Girl Industries originally posted this back in July, and by signing up to her challenge I agreed to do the same on my blog. I've been meaning to re-start this here on the new blog for ages and keep forgetting - so FINALLY I am doing so today...

Want me to make an extra special pressie just for you?? And for free??? Awesomes!

I am entering into a contract with the first 5* people who comment on this post and then commit to do the same on their blog.

Just read below and if you feel up to the task, copy the following into your blog and leave me a comment.

1. I make no guarantee that you will like what I make - whatcha get is whatcha get
2. What I create will be just for you, with love.
3. It'll be done this year within a year (Nov 2010)
4. I will not give you any clue what it's going to be. It will be something made in the real world and not cyber
5. I reserve the right to do something strange or weird
6. In return, all you need to do is post this text on your blog and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to your blog post.

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up! *There are only 4 spaces left as Katy originally signed up for this when it was on the old blog.* Quick quick, before theres no spaces left at all! x

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