Monday, 14 September 2009

Halloweeny Give Away!!

So today I added some new Halloween Awesomeness to the shop, some really cool jewellery and beads, and to celebrate I'm having a giveaway! :D

Up for grabs are these little cuties!

You will be winning everything you see in the picture:
A Skull and Pumpkin necklace and bracelet set
A Zombie Face, Frankenstein Face and Pumpkin Face Brooch
And a purple Bat Ring.
All made just for you!

PLUS, you'll also win an item of your choice from the rest of the shop!

Awesome, no? And what do you need to do to enter? Simple:

1) You must be following me here, on Twitter, on Facebook or on Myspace to enter.

2) Comment below and tell me what your favourite item in my shop is! Thats it, how easy is that!?

3) You can earn extra entries by publicising this giveaway - Twitter it, email your mates, share the link on Facebook, post about it on your blog - anything! You just need to provide me a link to whatever you've done here so I can keep track of your entries. If you're on Twitter, mention me in your Tweet (@glitterysah) and I'll be able to track entries that way.

4) I ship internationally so feel free to enter where ever you live! :)

5) Giveaway ends at 9pm GMT on Wednesday 23rd September 2009. I will then announce the winner that evening!

Good luck folks! xxx


  1. Ooo first comment, I hope I win. I love all of them but I think my fav is the skulls.

    I'll go tweet about it now for you.

    Also Incy from crafteroo has told me that there is a halloween challenge on the forum so you should go and enter.

  2. yey! I'm the first to enter your lovely competition!
    My favorite item (and this is hard as there are many!) is the bluebell necklace :)
    Maria x

  3. ahhh ... someone got in there just before me! (I was too busy double checking my fave item!)

  4. Oooh so hard to choose...I'm just gonna go with the teacup bracelet! But I always change my mind lol :) Great idea for a giveaway! x

  5. oh this competition is very exciting, i love the pumpkin brooch, it is amazing. not sure what i would do with it all if i won there is so much. my fingers are crossed anyways x x x Nicola Crawford

  6. oooohhhhh! halloweeny goodness!! i like the wee cutey skulls!!! and the pumpkin and.......everything!
    halloween is THE best!
    lots of love from ur secret admirer!!

  7. Yay! Thank you so much everyone who has entered so far! :D
    Loving that I have a secret admirer but what do i do if you win?? you'll need to leave some clues as to who you are otherwise I shall have to hire a private investigator and I just don't have the pennies for that...... xxx

  8. Eeee! Me likes!

    My fave item was the teeny teacup bracelet :) It was so magical and dainty - not surprised it sold so fast!

    ((PS. I don't mind if I don't win because I'm going to buy some of your fantastic Halloween stuff anyways!! :D ))

    Love Kerrypeg x x x

  9. Adorable shop! I love Trevor the Robot and Alice the Zombie plushies!
    Your recycled beads are fantastic!

  10. Hi Sah!
    I guess this would be the perfect time to get that alien I adore in your shop.
    I love these things! My best friends favourite holiday is Halloween and these she would love!
    Best always,

  11. Wooohoo more entries! :) Thanks guys! Good luck to everyone, remember and spread the word for extra entries! Sah xxx

  12. I love Squirt the Monster, he has the cutest unsure of himself smile that just says 'Hug me...please' awwww :)

  13. It took me ages to choose my fave but I got there in the end...rosie the monster. x

  14. What a great giveaway! My fav item from your shop is the 'Duck Egg' ring.
    Off to tweet this and increase my chances!!

  15. Yay for everyone who's entered so far!! Will be announcing the winner tonight! *excited* Remember you can earn extra entries by Twittering or posting links etc etc - and to anyone reading this who hasn't entered yet - BE QUICK! Its so easy to enter so hurry up and do it! :p Best of luck everyone xxx

  16. well i love all the blue bell collection and the rose bud earings are gawjuss, but i also love squirt so i dunno. i may just g buy the earings!! they are so cute, hmmm im suposed to be saving!

  17. u want 2 kno who ur secret admirer is? HINT- im meaty