Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Super Sah!!!

I'm so excited that today I finally finished watching the entire Batman: The Animated Series, its taken ages cause I only watch it on my own, but I got to the end today (and then went right back to the start! I may also point out that I have watched all of them before already..... geek-face!). So to celebrate, I had a wee hunt on Folksy to find some awesome batman & bat inspired goodies, and I found some great ones!

You may think bats are rather hallowe'en-y for this time of year, but anyone who knows me well and has seen my flock-of-bats tattoo will know I LOVE bats all year round :) So here are some of the amazingly cute bats I found...

How cute is this wee guy?!!! I want him (and all his super-hero pals!) Go visit Nifty Knit's folksy shop to see them all!

And what about this gorgeous wee dude?! Want want want!! Kooky Bat Brooch by Tailor-made (she has a notebook like this too!)

If I didn't already have my bats tattoo on my chest, then I'd sooo be buying this for myself! Black Bat & Full Moon Necklace by Ich Bin.

And finally, I neeeeed this bag!! Its covered in kitschy retro kids cartoons including batman (who you can't see in this pic) - awesome-tastic! Tote Bag by Heiress Apparent.


  1. We hear your neeeeed! Fab finds, thanks for including half of my dynamic duo :-D

  2. awesome picks!
    We went for a stroll through Bucksburn Valley today and saw a freakin bat! I was so excited but also really tense because it seemed lost(middle of the afternoon and alone) batting about with a torn wing.

  3. @niftyknits you're so welcome! :D

    @chrissy awwww thats such a shame! bats in real life are so cute but thats so sad it was hurt :(

  4. Hehe, love them all - especially niftyknits meerkat, and the brooch! Amazing! x

  5. Thanks for the heads up to your link. Glad you like the bag. Love your blog by the way having a good mooch round. HRH, Heiress Apparent xx