Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pressie Time!

Its the time of year when trees are getting decorated, cards exchanged and presents given... and I've got an extra special Glitterysah pressie for someone... !

Help me get at least 120 fans on my facebook page by 8pm GMT on the 16th Dec 09 and I'll draw someones name at random... and that lucky person will be sent a pressie from me! All wrapped up and in time for the 25th, full of goodies from my shop. Awesome, eh?

So get inviting and spreading the word! And if you're not already a fan, go fan me up now!! :D

Sah xx

(Photo by Zellaby via Flickr)


  1. Hi Sah,
    I don't use Facebook but I am a fan!
    How are you? Hope you are happy and well!

  2. Hey missy! Good to hear from you, everythings good with me ta! Since the email I sent you a while back things are generally looking up! :)

    How're you? How is the renovating coming on? Hope its all glittery in your wee world xx