Sunday, 18 April 2010

Photos and Photoshoots...

Hey folks, hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!! I can't believe how gorgeous the weather has been lately, its amazing how much it affects my mood and makes me smile. This past week has been so good, I hope its been just as sunny and gorgeous where you are!

I was at Sloan's Market with SpoiltPig yesterday and it was great to get some pictures of my handmade prettyness in the sun! Here's a couple for you to see, head over to Facebook for more.

Not sure if it's the sun going to my head or what, but I've had an idea and hopefully you can get involved! It might be a bit mad but have a wee read and leave me comments or email me if you think you can help me.

Basically, for ages now I've wanted to do some kind of proper photoshoot involving my jewellery and accessories. And lately I've been thinking how fun it would be to collaborate with folk and do some kind of joint photoshoot with all our stuff, that we'd all equally benefit from. No money would exchange hands - instead we'd be sharing knowledge, skills, experience, publicity, cake and hopefully lots of giggles!

So if you're a designer, maker, crafter, creative person, photographer, stylist, model or just someone who wants to come along and bring some cake - let me know!! I see this as being something Glasgow/Scotland based for now. We find some awesome localtion (in my mind its somewhere kitschy-retro-vintage-awesome-tastic), we all bring along some stuff (clothes, jewellery, accessories, homewares, props etcetc.), potentially some photography geek looking for experience gets clicking a camera though I'm sure we can all pitch in, maybe someone who knows stuff about lights too? Got Photoshop/Gimp/photo-editing skills? Then you can do any editing that needs done - and voila! We've got ourselves some cool indie photos that we can all use, providing credit is given to everyone involved. Get in touch through commenting here or emailing me and hopefully we can get something cool and indie orgainsed! :D


  1. I'd consider going as a Photographer depending on when it was. However Amateur doesn't begin to describe my skills...

  2. I've no idea when it'll be yet Omar, but if you could email me a brief blurb about yourself, what camera/equipment you use, why you want to be involved etc. I'll give you a shout when we're a bit more organised! hello[at]glitterysah[dot]com

    Thanks for the comment! x